Valorant Champions Berlin 2021 Group Divisions

The popular esports title Valorant by Riot Games is about to have a big event. It is called the Valorant Champions Berlin 2021. There is a total of 16 teams that will be participating in the tournament. The tournament has officially announced its group divisions via an official tweet on November 18th.

Let us take a look at the four groups and the teams to get an idea of how exciting the tournament is going to be.

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Group Divisions

Valorant Champions Berlin
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As mentioned before, there is a total of 16 participating teams. They have been divided into four groups, Group A, B, C & D. After the draws, this is how teams have landed in each group.

Group A

⦁ Ascend
⦁ Team Envy
⦁ Vivo Keyd
⦁ X10 Esports

Group B

⦁ Sentinels
⦁ Team Liquid
⦁ KRU Esports
⦁ FURIA Esports

Group C

⦁ Gambit Esports
⦁ Team Vikings
⦁ Crazy Raccoon
⦁ Team Secret

Group D

⦁ Fnatic
⦁ Vision Strikers
⦁ Full Sense
⦁ Cloud9

The draws placed each team among the giants and it will be worthy of a fight for the top. Let us have a look at Group A in brief.

Group A


Acend earned their spot in the championship through circuit points. They are the second team from EMEA at the champions with the likes of Fnatic, Gambit Esports, and Team Liquid. After their loss to 100T, they were placed top eight at VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin.

Team Envy

Wining in a head-to-head battle with 100 Thieves in circuit points, Team Envy earned their spot in the Champions. They are a promising team from the NA region.

Vivo Keyd

Vivo Keyd is a team from the Brazillian region. They qualified in the championship through circuit points after winning Stage 3 of Challengers Playoffs and finishing at the top 12th position in the Masters Berlin.

X10 Esports

A popular team from the South East Asia region, X10 Esports have earned their place at the champions by circuit points after a serial number of number one finishes at tournaments across SEA Champions Tour. A majority of their qualifying points are from their top eighth place from Masters Reykjavík when they lost to Fnatic.

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All four teams in Group A packs so much potential. From the popular teams like NA’s Team Envy and SEA’s X10 Esports, we are looking at chances of exciting matches to watch.
We will be talking about the other Groups in the following article. So be sure to follow us at for all the latest Esports news.

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