PUBG Mobile Global Championship: ‘Individual Awards Winners’ [PMGC 2021]

The League Stages for the big esports event in mobile gaming has just finished. Yes, we are talking about the PUBG Mobile Global Championship [PMGC] 2021. There’s a lot to talk about regarding this event so be sure to read the article down below for everything you need to know.

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About the PMGC 2021

The final stages of the massive event will feature a total of 16 teams across the major regions. There are nine teams that have qualified from the East region, whereas, a total of six made through from the West region. The teams from the East include DWG KIA, D’Xavier, Stalwart Esports, The Infinity, Nigma Galaxy, NV, Team Secret, SIXTWOEIGHT, and 4Rivals Alliance. The teams from the West include Natus Vincere, KAOS Next Ruya, Furious Gaming, Alpha 7 Esports, S2G Esports, and 1907 Fenerbahce.

The ‘PMGC 2021 Grand Finals‘ is scheduled for 21st to 23rd January of 2022. The winner of BGIS 2021 has a direct ticket to the tournament finals with an official invitation.

Now, before the grand finals even begin, the game developers, Tencent Games, have announced the winners for individual awards. This category includes awards for five different sub-categories, where the winner receives prize money of $2000.

PMGC 2021 Individual Awards Winners

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Before we dive into the winners, let us look into the five sub-categories that it features.

  • Gunslinger
  • Grenade Master
  • Eagle Eye
  • Survivor
  • Medic

Individual Winner- Gunslinger

This category of award is presented to the player who has the most kills, headshots, and damage in the tournament. Burenbayar “TOP” Altangerel, from Stalwart Esports, is the one who has sealed his name on this award. He is also the top fragger in the finals.

From the Western region, it was ‘Rise Mythic’ who won this award. As for his team, Rise Esports had an amazing run from the get-go and were even at the top for a while. But this all turned around with their 12th place finish, due to the poor performance in the league finals. Their failure to qualify for the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals is a real bummer for the fans.

Individual Winner- Grenade Master

This special category is awarded to the player that has the most kills or knockouts in the tournament. I mean who doesn’t like some grenade plays? It was pro-player Nozzy from the team ‘The Infinity’ in the East region. In the West region, the award went to Mythic from team ‘Rise Esports’. Mythic is the only player on this list who has won two awards for two different categories.

Individual Winner- Eagle Eye

Just like the name suggests, this is a special category that awards players with the longest distance sniper kill in the tournament. YuYan, from the Chinese team SixTwoEight, had bagged this award. From the Western region, it was Bazzi from the team Eastern Stars, who had won this award. Even though Eastern Stars failed to qualify for the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals, they sure had a great run.

Individual Winner- Survivor

Survivor is a special category that involves surviving for the longest time with receiving as least amount of damage as possible. In the Eastern region, the award was won by Ssung of Champion Damwon Gaming. As for the Western region, it was Garrryx from Rise Esports that took the award with him.

Individual Winner- Medic

This should be clear just by its title. Medic is a special category that is awarded to the players with the most revival on average, based on every single match played. Well for the individuals who have won this award from both regions are Skryy from Stalwart Esports and SenaTexa from Alpha7. Both the teams have great standings in the league finals, with Stalwart Esports holding 3rd place in the East region and Alpha 7 securing 4th place in the West region.

credits – ONE Esports

This concludes the Individual Winners Awards of PMGC 2021 from the East and the West regions. Each winner has bagged up prize money of $2000 and the ones that are still in the competitions will aim for even higher numbers. The Grand Finals will be a show to witness with great teams like such.

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