Esports Org Guild Esports has officially released 3 players from their Valorant Lineup

Professional esports organization Guild Esports has recently released three players from their main Valorant squad. This was somewhat expected to happen for a long time and now it is official.

Guild Esports is a professional Esports organization based in England. And yes, this is the organization that is co-owned by football legend, David Beckham. This English organization has teams for popular titles like Rocket League, Valorant, Fortnite, and Fifa.

They entered the Valorant competitive scene by signing a team that was previously known as Bonk.

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What led to the release?

The team had an overall bad start to the season. They competed hard but eventually failed to find the success they sought in the Valorant Champions Tour. They yielded up their way to the quarterfinals in the playoffs of VCT: EMEA Stage 3 but soon faced the sign of defeat and lost their chance to qualify for Masters Two final Berlin.

Guild Esports
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After all these, as the lost resort of hope, they competed in the Last Chance Qualifier and were seeming to earn their golden ticket. But that golden dream got shattered after their 1-3 loss in the final against Team Liquid. This gave Team Liquid a comeback chance to the Valorant Champions 2021 but completely devastated Guild Esports journey.

After facing these multiple setbacks, the change in the squad was inevitable. And around October, the team took the decision to bench three of their players from their active roster at the same time. They were bonkar, Yacine and draken. With being inactive for nearly a month, the org has officially bid their final goodbyes to the three as of 25th November 2021.

The Current Situation with Guild Esports

Guild Esports officially has two active players in their Valorant squad, Sayf, and Leo, for the time being. However, with the released three, their future remains in the dark as of now. As for the team, their new three pickups for the lineup of the new season of 2022 are still in the shades.

Among the three released, Draken has shown a possible interest in going back to the competitive shooter CSGO but that’s all speculation as of now. A similar spark of interest of ex-CSGO pro nitrO is in the air. It seems like he is in between the talks with Team Liquid to have his comeback to Valve’s competitive shooter.

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