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Free Fire MAX in Esports- Garena’s take on the matter!

The mobile Esports scene is heavily dominated by Garena‘s popular title Free Fire. Recently, we got to see a new version of the popular game with enhanced graphics and gameplay called the Free Fire MAX.

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About Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX
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“Free Fire MAX” was globally released on 28th September of this year. This new title from Garena is based on the original version of Free Fire with improvements like better graphics and overall visuals, realistic map design, and an immersive gameplay experience. Players can use their original Free Fire account with both versions of the game.

Free Fire’s original version has progressed a lot from what it once was all those years ago. But still, it’s a game that runs on major iOS and Android devices as of its low demand. The new version was made to provide those aspects that it once avoided to appeal to a larger market.

Free Fire MAX’s future in Esports

So after having two official versions of the game, when will we be seeing Esports events played over Free Fire MAX? To answer this question, the developers have shed some light on the future of the game.

According to the developers, there hasn’t been any immediate plan regarding implementing Free Fire MAX into the current Esports scene. Free Fire’s original version will be the main application by which players will be competing in the official Esports tournament.

The current situation with Free Fire MAX

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The new version of the game will be used as the main spectator client during live streams. For now, this is how they plan to utilize the enhanced graphics of the game in order to provide a better experience for the viewers.

The reason behind not implementing the new version of the game in esports is not clear yet. We don’t think the enhanced visuals of the game will affect the overall gameplay experience. So there shouldn’t be a question of any unfair advantages. However, it is believed that even though the game was released a few months ago, it still needs some more time to be perfected.

Every game needs some post updates and patches to fix the minor issues with it. It has to be perfect to have high-stakes esports games held over it. As of now, the game runs brilliantly with few issues across some devices. A new game requires enough time to have a proper esports scene developed around it. However, these are part of speculations and we have to wait for some more official insights.

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This has been everything we have in the Free Fire MAX esports situation. We hope to see more improvement on the matter by early 2022. Be sure to follow us at for more esports and crypto-related news and articles.

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