Top 5 Strongest Kunoichi in Naruto (Shippuden)

This list is made based entirely on your preference and perspectives. We have given in proper thought to selecting the characters.

Masashi Kishimoto’s greatest work, the Naruto series, features some of the greatest anime moments ever recorded in history. The series is marvelously well-made, with lots of characters, many sub-plots leading towards the main plot, cool moments, and lots of other things. We can not enclose everything that the series means to everyone, the ones that have seen the whole show know how great it is.

But one thing that most fans talk about is that the female characters in the Naruto series are not well made. This is a rather controversial topic. While a few remarks, Kishimoto does not know how to write great female characters. Well, this is not entirely untrue as sometimes it feels that the male characters in the show tend to be a bit more well thought of than their female counterparts.

Still, some female characters steal the show whenever they have the spotlight. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 Strongest Kunoichi in Naruto Shippuden.

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Top 5 Strongest Kunoichi in Naruto Shippuden

The Naruto series is based on the ninja world. The female ninjas were called Kunoichis. In the entirety of the show, there were various Kunoichis shown but the ones that are on the list are the strongest of them all.

This list is made based entirely on your preference and perspectives. We have given in proper thought to selecting the characters. We have also excluded some famous characters like Kushina & Temari (as we haven’t seen enough of their powers in action), Guren (Many consider her as just a filler character), and some others for various regions.

5) Hinata Hyuga

source – Morning Picker

Our favorite Kunoichi from Hidden Leaf Village, Hinata Hyuga, is one of the strongest characters in Naruto. In the series, it was shown she never really wanted to be a shinobi and very later found her Ninja way, she grew up to become a great Kunoichi in the series. She perfected her Gentle Fist technique to the core, developed signature moves, perfected her Byakugan, and fought many important battles, alongside the 4th Great Ninja War.

She is the Byakugan Princess, who fought against many formidable opponents. Like the times she merged her Chakra with Naruto’s to create an immense power surge in strikes.

4) Sakura Haruno

source – Anime Feet

This one here is the most controversial pick in this category and everyone can agree on that. Yes, her character was very poorly written which made fans dislike her and she mostly been useless in big fights. But in Shippuden, her character growth was enough to make her stand on the list. Sakura, the student of Fifth Hokage, learned and mastered medical ninjutsu that surpassed the likes of Granny Chiyo of the Sand. She also mastered the Yin Seal Release and possesses immense powers that challenge, and even surpass Lady Tsunade’s, as mentioned by Hashirama Senju.

Her greatest achievements will be her actions in the Fourth Great Ninja War and defeating Akatsuki member Sasori.

3) Mei Terumi

source – YouTube

The Fifth Mizukage of the village hidden in the Mist, Mei Terumi fought a full-scale fourth Ninja War along with the other Kages of the great Nation. Indeed, we have only seen her power in the war but she shined along with the other leaders just like a powerful Kage should. She is also the wielder of two Kekkei Genkai, which makes her immensely powerful in the Shinobi world. The first of them is the formidable Lave Release and the second one is Boil Release.

2) Konan

source – Quora

Konan was one of the orphaned children who later became the student of Jiraiya, along with Yahiko and Nagato. We never got to see much of her real battles in the show except one. She was one of the core members of the group Akatsuki and fought a formidable battle with Obito, one of the strongest characters in the entire series, and nearly pulled off a victory.

1) Tsunade

source – Quora

Tsunade, aka The Slug Princess, was one of the three legendary Sanins in the series. Her brutal power force was always off the charts and she could hold her ground against powerful villains like Orochimaru and Madara. She was also the 5th Hokage of the village hidden in the leaf, The Yin Release Seal, and miraculous healing prowess. Undoubtedly the strongest Kunoichi in the series.

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