Naruto: Top 5 Strongest Sage Mode Users Ranked accordingly

The entire Naruto franchise is all about ninjas but not just your typical hide in the shadows and attack with stealth kind of ninjas, it goes far beyond that. The Naruto franchise features quite a several characters throughout its reign, even including the Boruto series. Every individual has their own sets of skills and abilities but only a few are known and feared all over the shinobi world.

Leaving Doujutsu and other Kekkei Genkai aside, some of the hyped and fearful shinobis throughout the series were Sage Mode users. In this article, we will talk about the 5 strongest Sage Mode Users in Naruto with careful consideration and thought. Before we start our list, let us explain the Sage Mode to our readers again.

Sage Mode or ‘Sennin Mode’ is a special kind of chakra channeling mode that shinobis in the series have used. Sage Mode is very hard to learn and difficult to master jutsu throughout the series and only a select few were able to learn and use it. In Sage Mode, Shinobis were able to channel Nature’s abundant chakra all around them to their benefit and use Sage Art or ‘Senpo’ style jutsus to overpower their enemies. All the characters in the list are popular Sage Mode users in the Naruto series and are one of the strongest characters in general, in the whole franchise.

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5 strongest Sage Mode Users in Naruto

This list is based on our personal choice and preference so keep that in mind before diving right in. If you have any other thoughts, you can share down below in the comments!

Disclaimer: This article might contain spoilers throughout the Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto series, only proceed if you are up to date with everything till 04-05-2022 in the anime.

5) Kabuto

5 Strongest Sage Mode Users, Kabuto, Naruto
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After the death of Orochimaru, Kabuto went wild in his quest to find his true identity and become far stronger. He went looking for power at the same place as his master, the Ryuchi Cave, and learned Snake Sage Jutsu from the White Snake Sage. He revealed his true powers and abilities against Itachi and Sasuke during the War arc and proved that he was indeed a capable Sage mode user, if not the perfect one.

4) Minato

5 Strongest Sage Mode Users, Minato, Naruto
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Minato is by far one of the strongest shinobis in the entire franchise. He was not only powerful and respected enough to be the fourth Hokage but was feared among the 5 Great nations as the Yellow Flash of the leaf. In the war arc, it was not only revealed that Minato was able to control the nine tail’s chakra but was also a Sage mode user. Though he barely used the mode as of its high time to charge requirement, he did enter the perfect sage mode, even if it was for a few minutes. He showed his Sage Mode power only a little in the War Arc but that only proves how strong of a shinobi he was, coming from no particular elite clan background.

3) Jiraiya

5 Strongest Sage Mode Users, Jiraya, Naruto
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Jiraiya is the third most capable Sage Mode user in the series, as shown in the Jiraiya vs Pain arc. He couldn’t entirely control the nature chakra and only could enter an imperfect Sage Mode version, but the amount of power and usefulness he got out of it was amazing. Jiraiya learned and used this mode from an early age, hence becoming one of its best users. There shouldn’t be any more explanation needed for this as anyone who has watched the Jiraiya vs Pain arc already knows his true potential.

2) Hashirama

5 Strongest Sage Mode Users, Hashirama, Naruto
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The God of Shinobi, the First Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, the true and only rival of Madara Uchiha and so many titles could one refer to as Hashirama Senju. The man was only known for his unique wood element powers but his overall strength was feared. The true Sage Power of Hashirama was only shown during the war arc in a flashback battle between Madara and him, where he entered his Sage Mode. In this mode, Hashirama fought the Ghost of Uchiha with full strength against a Susano’o Wrapped Nine-Tails and still held his ground to become victorious. He could heal himself without weaving hand signs in this mode and had more than enough chakra to summon Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands, whose single punch’s wind force could slice down mountains. It is 15 times bigger than Susano’o wrapped Kurama.

1) Naruto

5 Strongest Sage Mode Users, Naruto
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Learned from his master’s master, Naruto was able to fully control and enter perfect Sage Mode within a little time. He could hold this mode for long periods. His father, Minato, and master, Jiraiya, were also Sage Mode users but were not able to fully utilize its potential. With his Sage Mode, he was able to defeat Pain all by himself. Later on, he used this mode countless times against enemies throughout the series. The amount of nature chakra Naruto was able to control, he was able to produce powerful jutsus in huge numbers, even through his numerous shadow clones. Just picture Naruto using 2000 Shadow Clones, all blasting Cho Odama Rasen Tarengan, there are barely a few who could counter that. Later on in the series, Naruto was able to combine and use his Sage Mode power along with his Kurama Mode (Nine Tails Mode or KCM) and use his newfound powers to their full extent.

As more time passed, he wasn’t only able to master controlling SM and KCM together but was able to surpass every known shinobi in the entire series in terms of power and strength. He is truly the strongest Sage Mode user and Shinobi in the series.

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This was our selected list of the top 5 strongest Sage Mode Users in Naruto. There are a few other sage mode users through the series whose powers were and are not shown up to full potential, like Mitsuki’s Snake Saga Mode. Until then, this list stays much more relevant. Do comment down below your top 5 strongest Sage Mode Users in Naruto choices. Be sure to follow us at for more Gaming, Anime and Hardware related articles.

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